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Each of the 14 towns (wards) participating in the Akunami Shrine Grand Festival has its own town mark.

The town mark symbolizes the town (ward) and has a unique origin for each town.

For example, the origin of the Sakae Town mark is as bellow.

栄 ~結び柏~ 

Sakae ~Musubi Kashiwa~

In 1921, the districts of Kiganji Kawaramachi, Tsuji (from Kiyomizu Bridge to Shojoji Monzenkoji), and Mashizu Kamidenma (from Kiyomizu bridge to Shojoji temple) merged to establish Sakae Ward.

Wishing for the harmony and prosperity of these three districts, the “Musubi Kashiwa”, which consists of three oak leaves symbolizing perpetual prosperity, was chosen.

Another theory is that it was chosen because it was one of the family crests of a Kabuki actor who performed on stage at the riverbank.

The town mark and its origin
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